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Thank you to Rainey Owen (Grandfather of a Restored from TBI Veteran) who wrote series of articles in the 'LEXINGTON LEADER NEWPAPER' about people with brain injuries and who were helped by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).


Thanks to the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation, Brian received hyperbaric treatment (HBOT) for his brain injury and has made a remarkable recovery. He heard about HBOT from others who were treated by Dr. Eddie Zant at a site in Florida affiliated with the IHMF's National Brain Injury Rescue and Rehabilitation project. Many of these heroes, like Brian, have been able to return to active duty and be redeployed! Thanks to the dramatic success of hyperbaric medicine--which uses concentrated oxygen treatments to restore and renew brain function-Brian feels more like his old self.


To make hyperbaric treatment available to more servicemen and women like Brian, we need your help and support. A donation to the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation will allow us to treat men and women of the Armed Forces and the veterans, like Brian, who have served us faithfully.


The results from such treatments also assist us persuade the Federal Government to make this treatment the new standard of care, instead of ineffective drugs many of which have been black-labeled by the FDA. Help us give veterans their brains back during 2014.


Restore hope to those who have answered our nation's call.

Your gift to the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation will help restore and renew lives. 




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Air Force Brian Schiefer

Schiefer was months from retirement when he rolled a military Hummer and was seriously injured while performing a training exercise in California in November 2008. Schiefer suffered two broken ribs, four spine fractures, collapsed lungs, a cracked sternum, broken clavicle, fractured skull and a severed nerve in one eye. Schiefer still can’t feel his legs but since has managed to walk