THANKS TO GENEROUS IHMF DONATIONS & IHMA Memberships, the IHMA International Hyperbaric Medical Association 

continues to make a difference in medicine affecting so many lives.


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First New Hyperbaric Indication in Medicare in 18 years in 2002:  Diabetic Foot Wounds 

Hundreds of Millions of Medicare Dollars Saved: An estimated $348 million is being saved

by preventing just 11% of the 158,000 amputations every year, using HBOT. 


(IHMA petitioned for the Medicare National Coverage Determination, granted in 2002)


Have Ability to have this expanded to Wagner I wounds to focus on amputation prevention

to save $3 billion per year in Medicare.


Working with Congress (Registered Lobbying Team in Washington, D.C.)

TBI Treatment Act (HR 396) passed four times unanimously in the House of Representatives (died in the Senate twice)

Veterans Administration Objected to two key provisions

1)  Requirement for a treatment to be effective before it was paid for.

2)  Objection that a veteran would be able to be treated with effective treatment for their medical condition

without the VA being able to block the veteran from receiving that treatment.


Numerous Testimonies before Congress 

2002 Labor HHS Testimony

2004 Autism Hearing

2008 Senate Suicide Prevention Hearing (Testimony for the Record)

2008 House Veterans Committee Hearing on Effective Treatments


Working with State Legislatures & Local Governments​


Passage of the Oklahoma Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment and Recovery Act (SB1604) in 2014 (now law). Implementation to be modeled after HB1942 from the previous year. 


Unanimous Passage of HB1942 in 2013 by OK House and Senate,

only to be killed by a parliamentary maneuver that delayed the bill for a year.


Partnered with the National Foundation for Women Legislators.


Presentations to California, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Texas state and local governments.


Presentations to the National Football League Players Associations and Treatment of Numerous NFL players in the NBIRR-0.

Study sponsored by the IHMF


Repeated attempts to work with DoD (Department of Defense) Medicine and VA medicine to help Veterans with TBI or PTSD, including the December 5 & 6 DoD HBOT for TBI Consensus Conference

which provided them with the complete correct protocols and study design.


Note that to date not a single DoD or VA sponsored study has used the correct HBOT 1.5 protocol, nor have they

used a correct placebo treatment.  All have been dosing studies and have avoided using the extensive diagnostics

that the IHMF-sponsored and Israeli studies have used.


Endorsement of the Treatment by numerous members of the Military Command structure.

(Gen. Conway, Gen Amos, Gen Chandler, Adm Mullen and others.)

Endorsement of the Treatment by each of the major National Veterans Service Organizations.

(American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Retired Officers Association, Navy League.)








 Replace Managed Care Model with Effective Care Model,

thus creating a health care system that is more effective, more efficient and less expensive.

The reason government is involved with health care is to create an effective work force - Managed Care focuses on avoiding effective treatment today, even if down the road the expense of the patient is hundreds of thousands in future lifetime expenditures.


•  Routine Payment for Biologically Effective Treatment for Brain Insults Other Medical Conditions improved by Oxygen Saturation.


•  Hyperbaric Centers Available in Every Community in America (within 30 miles of nearly every U.S. Resident)


•  Routine use with burn patients (HBOT saves thousands with better outcomes).


•  Solving America’s Largest Public Health Crisis, Untreated Brain Insults. Savings per year: Hundreds of Billions.

•  Development of Integrated Protocols to maximize recovery of every patient that has had brain insults,

 especially  the 1 million battle casualties from the current war.

Falls & Routine Blunt Trauma & Crush Injuries: $20 billion per year is spent on falls, for which there is currently no routine treatment.


•  Routine Treatment Pre-Post Surgery

By-pass surgery shown to have 61% reductions in complications with 20% reduced ICU stay just with 2 HBOT  treatments.


•  Cooperation between medical specialties

to improve the quality of care in their specific field whenever hyperbaric oxygen or other compatible therapies can improve patient outcomes.