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Training and Ratings (Hyperbaric Chamber Awareness [HCA], Hyperbaric Chamber Tender [HCT], Hyperbaric Chamber Operator [HCO],Certified Hyperbaric Technician [CHT], & Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Instructor [HCI])


Full Series of On-site HBOT-specific Programs to Meet Your Needs Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training • Oxygen Safety Experts • Hyperbaric Facility Maintenance • Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine • Diver Treatment Certification • Chamber Operations Certification.


Hyperbarics International

Courses for: Hyperbaric Physicians, Clinical Hyperbaric Medical Technologist, Diving Physicians, Hyperbaric Facility Safety Supervisor/Director, Basic Dive Medics, Advanced Dive Medics (ADMT), Hyperbaric Chamber Operators, Hyperbaric Registered Nurses, All Allied Medical Personnel, non medical persons also welcome to apply.

Complete Diving Hyperbaric Medical Team Training Programs with Chamber Operations. Program is accredited by the AMA, UHMS for physicians for 39.5 CME's, BUMED and USN for all military medical and non medical diving personnel.

International ATMO

Hyperbaric Education • Consultation

Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training • The Wound Care Course • Hyperbaric Safety Director Course•Inspection, Maintenance and Documentation of Chamber Acrylics • Hyperbaric Facility Maintenance • Veterinary Hyperbaric Medicine Course • Hyperbaric Safety Course - LIVE COURSE TRAINING

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

Courses offered with frequency - contact them directly for their calendar.

Internationally recognized Department of Hyperbaric Medicine, located in Southern California at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center and Miller Children's Hospital, was established in 1974. There is an adult and children’s clinic on site while offering a number of training courses.

National University

The Professional Certificate in Marine Technology is now eligible for Veterans Affairs Benefits.

After completion of the core training, students will be directed to one of two diving professional concentrations: Diver Medic (Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine) • The Professional Certificate in Marine Technology provides the student with the technical diving skills needed for entry into the offshore and inland diving industry as professional marine technicians and commercial divers. The program is fast paced immersion into surface supply and SCUBA diving, and includes air and helium-oxygen elements, diving safety, professional work habits, underwater work skills, and diving science needed to become a professional commercial diver. Students will develop problem solving, team building, and communication skills appropriate with this program. 

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* Recognized by the IHMF as the International Standard for

Hyperbaric Chamber Operations Training.