The IHMF’s mission to support research, science and clinical care in the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been anchored by the work of past IHMF President Dr. Paul G. Harch in the care of

injured veterans over the last decade.


In conjunction with the current president, Edward F. Fogarty, MD many brain injured veterans have had their “hidden” injuries documented by advanced neuro-imaging techniques and analytics described in the LSU Phase 1 trial of hyperbarics in US veterans with PTSD/TBI.  


The Rusty Fund of the IHMF is nicknamed for a North Dakota veteran who’s story of brain injury and misdiagnosis is so common to soldiers, from the ’shell-shocked’ of prior generations to the present day.



Firstly, to provide funding for the clinical care of brain injured veterans  and first responders

in IHMA affiliated clinics.


Secondly, to provide infrastructure for advanced MRI imaging techniques such as MR-Spectroscopy and MR-Tractography that are virtually inaccessible to veterans and first responders.  


These imaging techniques have been leading the way in documenting the hidden wounds of veterans in research circles for nearly a decade, yet they are not being performed in clinical medicine.  They are the most powerful testimonies of the injuries suffered in the “courtrooms” of medical review boards and insurance companies.


Ethical and appropriate medical imaging documentation of these brain injuries is long overdue,

we ask you please consider a donation that will help wounded warriors in both the diagnostic along with the therapeutic struggles of returning to a normal life. 

The information provided by IHMF does not constitute a medical recommendation.

It is intended for informational purposes only, and no claims, either real or implied, are being made. 



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