Veterans of the current War on Terror, as well as previous wars, have experienced significant concussive blast injuries.


The International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation (IHMF) has helped each brain-injured veteran we've served

achieve clinically significant recovery after completing 40 treatments of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).


Despite the persistent misunderstanding in general medical training today, it's possible to

rebuild a brain in150 days with 80 hyperbaric oxygen treatments.





If you or know of a Veteran who may benefit from such treatments -

they may qualify for a current study or be able to receive treatments from a cooperating clinic near them. 


Help us give veterans their brains back!

Restore hope to those who have answered our nation's call.


Your gift to the International Hyperbaric Medical Foundation

will help restore and renew lives.


Please make a life-changing gift on-line to the I

HMF General Fund in the name of a specific Veteran.


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to treat not only Veterans from Indiana -

but all with a TBI or PTSD !


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for such horrific conditions.

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Great HBOT informative video featuring former IHMF President Dr. Harch and witness HBOT success with Veterans.



Brain injuries experienced by our veterans, coupled with the current 'off-label' use of FDA-black box

labeled drugs, has increased the suicide rate among veterans to 20 per day (CBS News).


Fortunately, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which saturates the body with oxygen

to regenerate brain tissue, has dramatically reduced suicide among our veterans.




In 2007, Dr. A. M. Gamboa reported that a mild-TBI sufferer will have a 50% future lifetime loss of income.

Forty-five percent of all mild-TBI sufferers are also unemployed two years post injury.

Veterans who've returned from the 'War on Terror' have a higher veteran unemployment rate than their peers who didn't serve, and a much higher veteran unemployment rate than veterans in general

(typically, veterans have a much lower unemployment rate than their non-serving peers. 


In fact, a high number of these young men and women are no longer

in the work force and have stopped looking for work.


These statistics further demonstrate the impact of untreated war-related brain injuries.


No amount of job training can restore the loss of mental capacity from an untreated brain injury.


Fortunately, the IHMF is helping Veterans become gainfully employed

by repairing the biological injuries they have experienced.